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Annual Report





The first vsit this year was in May to Whitlenge Gardens and Nursery, near Hartlebury.   A garden with lots of water features, seating areas and even a cave.


In June eleven of us visited The Cottage at Broughton Green near Droitwich.   This was a NGS Open Day and even though the weather was gorgeous there were only a few visitors so we received a lot of individual attention and had tea and cakes sitting in an old shed.


In July 19 of us visited The Elms at Seisdon.   This was a private visit to the 4 acre garden where we had an escorted tour and talk about  the house and garden which included a very interesting seaside bandstand.   This was followed by tea and cakes sitting by the swimming pool.


Only three visits this year but we say three very different gardens.   We shared our gardening knowledge or lack of it and had lots of fun and laugjhter.


If you would like to join our happy band of keen gardeners with sun hats and wellies, you are most welcome.   Lifts to the venues are available even if only one garden interests you.   Check when the Boards are out and come and join us.


20th July

The Elms Seisdon

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