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Handicraft Annual Reports

The Afternoon Handicraft Group welcomed new member Sylvia this year and we now number thirteen.   We have done two projects this year, one for the Russell Hall's Children's Ward supplying them with little chicks sitting on a Cadbury Chocolate Egg, and also knitted small baby blankets for the Linus project.


We have had many enjoyable afternoons, talking and laughing whilst still being industrious with our own work.   This included Cross Stitch, Tapestry, Crocheting , Australian Cross Stitch and Knitting.   Earlier in the year we had a very enjoyable lunch at The Granary and look forward to a second very shortly.


If anyone would care to join us you will be made most welcome and we meet fortnighly on a Tuesday afternoon in various members homes.

Evening Handicraft Group Report


As with everything that we have gone through, our group hasn't been any different, we stayed apart for many months quietly doing our knitting and, in my case, crocheting, then when the time came when we could get together and we met in the afternoon in each other's gardens and it was very enjoyable, It was meeting in the afternoon that decided us that we could still meet in the afternoon when we were allowed to go into people's home, so of course we needed a new name change and Knit 1, Purl 1, was the name we chose.  We have welcomed Stephanie as a new member and we will carry on sometimes knitting for ourselves, but mostly making things for charity


Judy N







Gold Award - Co-operative

Creative Activities


Gold Award Wychbury
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