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‘When we were finally able to meet again in person, Reading Group 1 had a catch up session where we discussed books that we’d been reading during lockdown- these ranged from Bernard Cornwell’s Last Kingdom stories to Girls Own fiction, it is always interesting to be introduced to authors that other members enjoy reading. Louise at Stourbridge Library has continued to do a brilliant job organising our books and we’ve read a wide variety that we wouldn’t necessarily pick off the shelf ourselves- which is naturally the point of joining a Reading Group- we’ve had some books we’ve hated, some we’ve struggled through and some we’ve really enjoyed; the discussions have been lively and often thought provoking and we all go home having discovered a new perspective to the book. During the last year a small number of our group visited Much Wenlock for a day out, a lovely book shop to browse and a pub lunch made it a very pleasurable day. We meet on the 1st Thursday of every month and all are welcome.’













Reading Group Annual Report

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