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Poetry Annual Report


Poetry, my passion


To write, and then to read.


The Poetry Group at WI


Is ample for my need,


We meet in kind surroundings


A regular monthly date.


The topic always varies


From Spring to Kismet, Fate.


The chat is warm and friendly,


With humour just by chance.


A genial group in love with verse,


That would be my stance.


Our friendly disposition,


Combined with verse and rhyme,


Always gives our hearts a lift


With motives so sublime

Thelma Higgs      

Our happy Group still continues to meet each month enjoying the different poems we have all chosen - ranging from  humorous  to thought provoking and sad ones.   Of course we all look forward to our break of tea and cakes and plenty of putting the world to rights.


There are ten of us, but happy to welcome anyone who would like to join us.


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