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Monthly Group Information 


Group Lead - Janet G 

Meeting Venue - Foley Car Park/Coffee If Wet.

Dates Of Meeting

2nd Oct 2023


Group Lead - Chris G 

Meeting Venue - Chris G  

Date Of Meeting - 10th Oct 23

Afternoon Handicrafts

Group Lead - Jean

Meeting Venue - Sylvia

Date of Meeting - 3rd Oct 23

Just Eating

Group Lead - Kate C

Speak to Kate C or Sue B at meeting for info.

Date Of Meeting - 5th Oct 2023


Group Lead - Jennie B

Meeting Venue - Anna P   

 Date Of Meeting - 26th Sept  2023

Meeting Venue - Jennie B 

Date of Meeting - 10th Oct 2023

Reading 1

Group Lead - Suse G

Meeting Venue - Jennie B

Date Of Meeting - 12th Oct 2023

Meeting Venue - Jean G

Date Of Meeting - 9th Nov  2023

Reading Too

Group Lead - Penny

Meeting Venue - Jayne

Date Of Meeting - 16th Oct 2023


Group Lead 

Barbara H; Jennie B; 

Helen J  

Meeting Venue - Contact Group Lead

Date Of Meeting - 1st Monday of each month.

Oct - Comer Woods  Dudmaston


Group Lead - Helen J 

Will be playingin the league again dates TBC.

Meeting Venue - The Fountain Clent

Date Of Meeting - TBC

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